Focused on You

Revolution Birth Services provides a connection to a professional, compassionate billing service, created by a midwife, to help you seek out pre-authorizations, GAP exceptions, reimbursements, and even payment arrangements directly between your birth team and your insurance company! Let Sandi and her experienced team be the middle person for you, so that you can focus solely on preparing for birth.


SLB handles web submissions, creation of client files including all required documentation, PayPal invoicing and initial contact with client.

Benefits Department

This aspect of the team handles individualized and detailed Verification of Benefits (VOB), In Network Exceptions/Waivers (GAP), Pre-Authorizations and up to 2nd level appeals.

Claims Department

We handle claims creation, submission of claims, unlimited follow ups and appeals for denials if needed.

Getting Started

Contact Sandi directly and get a copy of your policy's benefits sent directly to you (and us!) for only $25. 

Happy Children