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Central Texas Midwifery Care

Revolution Birth Services provides clients with personalized prenatal, birth center or home birth, and postpartum care. Our team is here to cater to your every need. Let us make your birthing experience as convenient and empowering as possible. Get in touch with Revolution Birth Services to see how.

Services Offered: Services

Prenatal and Postpartum

We provide 45-60 minute long visits on a customizable schedule, focused on you: Your desires, your questions, and your needs! We support you with regular visits, careful observation, and all routine labs offered, both before & after the birth of your baby. Why choose us? Simply put, we look at the big picture by honoring the little details that make up the entirety of your life. In doing this, we're creating the time and space to keep you and your family safer by being able to spot any potential for problems. Your life doesn't look like everyone else's, and your care journey should honor that.

Birth: Your Way!

Our team will provide ongoing assessment for you and your baby's wellbeing at your home, or our freestanding Belton birth center, offer compassionate reassurance when you need it, offer our assistance with your delivery to your comfort level, provide support in your immediate postpartum hours, a comprehensive newborn exam, and emergency intervention or transport to the hospital if necessary.

Feeding Support

Our highly trained lactation professionals will work closely with you before birth to help you plan for ALL types of newborn feeding (breast/chestfeeding, bottle feeding, or a mix of options) and provide follow up support to you postpartum to help with any issues you may encounter-- our team is committed to providing quality care for ALL types of feeding journeys!

Placenta Encapsulation

Our specialists will pick your placenta up after the birth of your baby (from ANY location where you birth), carefully and mindfully prepare your placenta in either the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) or Raw method, with the highest hygiene standards, encapsulate it, and deliver it back to you. In most cases, your placenta will be delivered back to your home within 48-72 hours.

At Revolution Birth Services, we provide expansive birthing resources and care options aimed at ensuring you have a safe, comfortable and memorable birthing experience. Contact us and find out more about what we offer.

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