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Revolution Birth Services: Honoring Your Intuition

Life Outside the Box

My Revolution began as resistance. A quiet resolve, that I would not like to have my birthing and reproductive choices dictated to me. I truly knew that I would like to decide for myself, although the only thing I knew was a small voice inside of me saying, "Not that way, a different way."

It was awkward. It was tender. It was no less than the single most empowering year of my life in many ways-- I grew as a parent and a person in leaps and bounds. I wish I could say that I birthed said baby 100% my way and didn’t let anyone boss me around, but my fight was won nonetheless.

With my next pregnancy, my voice was stronger. I was determined to do it my way. Midwives’ hands were the only ones to guide my journey. As my youngest child was birthed into their father’s waiting hands, I was also birthed: a person who would never again relinquish my own autonomy and authority over my own body.

The summer of 2013, as I nursed my youngest baby and recovered from my birth, I began training as a doula. I determined that I was going to make it my life’s work to empower other birthing people to find and use their own voices and be loved every second of the way.

I began my midwifery career in 2014. My journey has not been linear— like labor, it at times felt I would never, ever, be birthed into my community as a midwife.

As time went on, my experiences and knowledge grew, as well as my heart as a provider. I developed a preference for deep connections, intimate birthing experiences, informed consent (always!), parent-led decision making processes, lower interventions, and frequent laughter in my journey together with clients.

My Revolution has been a process in which I have been loved deeply by my own community- through and through. It is my honor to lend my strength and knowledge to people planning to give birth at any stage of their own Revolution, as a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife. 

Love, Ashley

Revolution: Defined: Welcome
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